Security Monitoring that Evolves Constantly

Security monitoring services are created to meet all compliance standards and spot known attacks using specified rules. The security monitoring strategy, on the other hand, is not able to identify potential assaults that are very sophisticated, built to remain undetected, and evade such criteria. NW9 guarantees that your company will gain from a high calibre of security monitoring service. As a result, you will gain access to superior cyber defence that is competive and effective.


Achieve digital securtiy and make a step towards securtiy monitoring.

We create a security use case that would be useful for your company after assessing your organisational needs and potential business hazards. Our cyber security specialists build use cases that are specific to you by weighing the weight of use cases used across the sector and taking into account the importance of the asset, usage, connection, and user data.You will benefit from alerts that may be actions that reduce false positives.

Service Offerings
  • Security Monitoring 24×7.
  • Extended Security Monitoring.

It goes beyond simple monitoring, which solely serves to support upcoming audits. We put up tracking that is aware of the more serious hazards to your company's operations and the standards for your use cases. After prioritising warnings before looking into them, our security monitoring team keeps an eye on our systems to identify the qualified situations that require our attention.


Deep connectivity and specialised use cases enable the detection of all modern assaults on cloud apps. Included in this are preferences like Azure and AWS. For Azure and Office 365 components like email, DLP, SharePoint, Intune, and Dynamics, NW9 offers thoroughout support.