Remote monitoring and management

Preventing a problem from occurring is always a better option than having to resolve issues later. That’s where our 24×7 remote monitoring and management service can prove to be indispensable, keeping you ahead of any outages.

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The NW9 support bundle can be useful for internal IT teams and companies of all sizes. While simultaneously freeing up resources so they can focus on their strategic objectives, we can assist in making sure your IT estate is handled safely, securely and effectively.

This is done by automating crucial software upgrades and security updates, as well as monitoring your hardware and software. As part of the service, we'll also provide you with advance notice of any potential ICT problems so you can address them and keep things operating smoothly.

The NW9 remote monitoring and management service is highly beneficial for fulfilling the requirements in the case of large organisations and those aiming for compliance accreditation because it is todays' best practise.

L1 IT Operations


Our help desk specialists answer questions about software and infrastructure usage, provide instructions to solve usage issues and minor problems, such as restoring access when users forget their passwords, and create user guides, FAQs, and support articles.

  • Work as a first line of defense for customers, using Aspect products (UIP, ACD, AQM,      eWFM etc.).

  • Log tickets with appropriate comments and analysis around the issue and assign      a priority to issue.

  • Co-ordinate with L2/L3 team for the issue and help them in resolving.

  • Provide 24X7 supports.